Alpha Male Dating Tips For Men

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Hi, I’m Trevis Tee.

I’d like to teach you how to be successful with women by
an alpha man. And what you will learn can stop you from screwing up
that ONE opportunity you have when the girl of your dreams
finally shows up.

Recently I was at a seminar with some friends.

We looked
over when
a very attractive young woman entered the room.

We talked about her
over lunch and wondered what kind of man she would get into a
relationship with.

Other guys at the seminar either did not even dared to
look at her
or found lame excuses to talk to her. They were never going to get
anywhere with her.

I had her eating out of my hand in one week.

did I do it?

What magical powers

do I have?

You may think that because I’ve dated that hot woman from
the seminar, that I have the good looks of Bradley Cooper, and who is
naturally amazing with women.

You are so wrong….

You know that guy in school
who asks friend after friend
if the cute girl in class is single and whether she would consider him
as a boyfriend?

That guy who had absolutely no idea how
to talk to girls that he
shuts up like a clam when girls are around?

What about that guy who
jokes about sex all the time but had no idea how a pair of jugs looked
like? I could go on.

I was that guy.

Throughout my early teenage years, I wasn’t someone you
would typically call a women’s man.

I was short, skinny, very dark,
under constant acne attacks, and self-conscious.

I never even held the hands of my first

We just talked on the phone. And we were in the same

I acted like I was cool about the relationship. But
beneath my pants, I
was supercharged.

We broke up after a mere few weeks.

I didn’t get another girlfriend for some time. And I felt
that there was something wrong with me. I was depressed, and those were
the years that my hormones were most active.

There were girls that
showed me interest, but I was just too picky with them.

I decided that I must change myself to attract the kind
of women that I want. And that’s exactly what I did.

After high school, I went to college. And I made friends
wherever I go.

I pulled different groups of friends together. I was
having a lot of fun. I became the center of the whole social network.

After lessons, I decided where to go and what to do. My
followed me as I was such fun. I invited people to join me to clubs and
chalets. And they came because I was the real deal.

It was the time of
my life.

I realized that it wasn’t that I changed myself into
someone else.

It was simply because I embraced who I was and gave
myself fully to the people around me. I loved to have fun and that’s
what I brought to the table among other things.

Girls were smiling at me at
the sidewalk,

they made lame
excuses to talk to me,

invited me to go to the clubs,

they called me at
three in the morning asking to come to my place,

girls I don’t know
offered their umbrellas for shade when I’m waiting for the traffic

the girlfriend of a good
friend even went out with me behind
his back.

I had to literally STOP
them from advancing on me. The BIGGER
my confidence inflated, the more girls tried to get lucky with me.

Shortly after the first year of college, I committed myself to a first real girlfriend.
And it was amazing.

She dug up my email from the school database and
sent me a message out of nowhere.

She was one
of the hottest
properties in college.

Every guy in her class tried their luck and
failed. I closed her on the first date.

I believed that was a big
reason how people that I barely knew quickly looked me up as the alpha
male. I was sleeping with the hottest chick and I claimed her in double
quick time.

I told myself that I was the best guy around. That was
why she’s with me. And that was what I really believed. I was in
irresistible top form.

How Things Started

To Go Wrong…

After our honeymoon period, my girlfriend started to
disrespect me in front of my friends.

She kicked up big fusses over
nothing and subtly controlled everything. I spanked her again and
again until it became very tiring for me. I finally caved in and
started to let her direct traffic.

After I handed her the control of the relationship, she
only became more demanding and unreasonable.

I regretted the decision.

I couldn’t handle her, the
situation, and myself.

I was going crazy.

couldn’t let people see what she was doing to me and I disengaged
myself from the pack.

I went back into the hole I
lived in before.

was having regular sex and I thought that it was all that mattered.

When it ended, I was in a real mess.

The final straw came
when she lied to me and dated another guy.

I was depressed and I
enlisted for the army straight after college.

I could not remember who I was when I attracted

I became someone that I couldn’t recognize.

At one point I was looking in the mirror and felt that no
woman would be attracted to that guy staring back at me.

I have to become
who I
was before.

But being in the army doesn’t help in any way.

I was living in hibernation for a few years waiting for
that spark to awaken who I was before.

It never happened.

During those
years, I dated a few women. But I never got as far as I wanted to.

found that I had no problem in arousing interest from women.

problem was that arousing interest was NEVER enough to get to where I
want to be with women.

I had lost the invincibility I felt when I was
having the time of my life in college years ago.

It finally happened in 2006 when I ran into a
quality lady while I was attending night classes for my Degree. (I left the military after 30 months of service)

She was beautiful, smart, purposeful, and easily aroused

I had to get her.

I busted her balls and engaged her as if she was
just another naughty girl.

I could tell that she was interested, but I
didn’t know how to move forward!

Then I labored for her attention and I
could tell that I was actually pushing her further and further away
from me.

I finally dropped the idea of bedding her as I felt that
I was
starting to resemble a desperate needy man. That was definitely not who
I want to be.

I had to find my way back to who I was.

The Turning Point

I had to figure out how to sort this part of my life out.

How did I mange to attract and
sleep with that hot chick those years

How did I annihilate every
other suitor who were left chasing a

I started reading books after books of material on
and evolution to understand women better. Books on seduction and
mentalism to learn how to seduce women.

Shockingly, I found that a lot
of the things I did while I was enjoying success with women were being
documented for decades!

I had never classified the things I did as
“correct” or “wrong”.

In fact, I made it a point not to repeat the
things I did before so that I’m “original”. This was one of my many mistakes.

I also found that a lot of the materials I read validated
my beliefs and values as the underlying foundation of every “women’s

The problem I had was that everyone
around me told me
The movies, my friends, magazines, love stories, etc, all around me
created unnatural beliefs within me that are in conflict with my core
beliefs and values.

Those unnatural beliefs are causing me to be
ashamed of who I am at the very core. And they are causing me the
failures with women that I was experiencing.

I decided to screw all those beliefs that came unnatural
to me and embrace who I am.

It’s time to change and that time is now.

Then it happened.

Smacked me right in my face was a
thunderous profound realization.

Back when I was the top guy in college
where I was having the time of my life, I was being myself and sharing
the real me with the people around me!

It was only when I stopped being
myself that things started to deteriorate.

I realized that… I might actually be a NATURAL!

I started to see things with an eagle eye.

My mentality
and behavior changed with this ONE realization.

I should be confident
in being myself.

All that crap media that told me to be the nice
“stable” guy is conflicting with who I am.

Even better, my readings taught me how I can actually
break down the things that I had which attracted women to me!

I have
never imagined that this can be broken down into a science.

And I
started to consciously practice them systematically.

Two months after I dropped the idea of going after the
babe from my Degree course, I hooked up with an even hotter and high
quality babe.

She was one of those that is so hot and out of your league that
you’d not even think about it.

Yet she threw a pickup line at
me while I was at a vending machine.

I took her home
within two weeks of on and off dating…

…during which I dropped my Atomic Attraction Bomb on her. (which you will read about on pg.108 of my book)

And she had a “boyfriend”.

proved that my system works.

And this was just from consciously
applying some ideas from my system.

And that was the start of my journey into a life of love
and sex…

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